How do I stop efflorescence? How do I stop efflorescence?

How do I stop efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring and well-documented issue, affecting many cement-based products (not just tile grouts) due to their water and soluble lime content. It happens during the drying phase, with the soluble lime depositing on the surface as a dry white powder as the water evaporates. In tiling, the moisture can come from the tile grout, adhesive bed, underlying substrate and even the atmospheric conditions of the room!

Efflorescence is aggravated by excessively damp conditions after installation and by prolonged delays in drying out. The modern trend of large format tiles means there are now fewer grout joints over the tiled area and drying is slowed; it is therefore not unexpected for efflorescence to occur.

Efflorescence cannot be avoided; however, steps can be taken so as not to exacerbate the problem: 1) Do not exceed the water requirements of the tile grout 2) Do not use excessive water during cleaning down and 3) Warm and dry conditions following installation will assist the drying process.

Fortunately, where you do experience efflorescence, it can be removed easily using an appropriate proprietary cleaner designed for this purpose.