Why may a claim be rejected? Why may a claim be rejected?

Why may a claim be rejected?

The most common reason for this is that in line with our terms and conditions, only receipts dated on or after your date of registration are valid. This means that any receipts uploaded before you registered won’t be authorised and won’t earn any points.

Any receipts uploaded after you registered will earn points, providing that they are uploaded within 60 days of the invoice date and that they contain qualifying ARDEX or BAL products.

Other reasons for rejected receipts include:

  • Duplicate Receipt Claims. The receipt appears to be a duplicate receipt i.e. it has already been submitted. Claims on product purchases can only be made once. Multiple claims on the same purchase or invoice will not be rewarded
  • Invalid Merchant. Only receipts from our authorised distributors are valid. Your receipt will be rejected if it does not show the retailer (merchant) as well as the products for proof of purchase validation
  • Insufficient Data. The receipt was missing some information. In line with our terms and conditions, receipt or invoice images submitted to GivBax Rewards must legibly include the retailer’s name, all individual items purchased and their prices, the total amount paid and transaction date. If you’ve got a copy of the original receipt or invoice, please upload this and providing it is dated on or after your registration date, and submitted within 60 days of the in-store transaction, it will be eligible for points
  • No Qualifying Products. Your receipt did not contain any qualifying products. For the full list of eligible products, refer to the ‘See’ section of the app home menu
  • Invalid Multipage Claim. You’ve uploaded receipts from different transactions on the same upload. Only multiple pages for the same transaction should be in the same upload. Please ensure that you make one submission per transaction
  • Unknown Error. An error has occurred. Please try and upload your receipt again using the guidance in ‘Scan’ section of the app home menu
  • Poor Image Quality. Some or all of the receipt is missing, obscured or illegible

Additionally, there are checks in place to detect and reject any fraudulent claims, including (but not limited to):

  • Claims that are found to use invoices that show a different registered member’s name or different registered company name
  • Claims that have been amended, modified or falsified in any way
  • Claims that are from a time period prior to registration or agreed date for qualification with ARDEX Group UK
  • Claims that are found in any other way to be false

If you have encountered any of the above issues and believe there has been a mistake or would like further clarity or details on the rejection reason, please email loyalty@givbax-rewards.com.

You can find the full GivBax Rewards terms and conditions here.