Why has my account been restricted? Why has my account been restricted?

Why has my account been restricted?

In line with our terms and conditions, there are currently exclusions for full membership of GivBax Rewards, including if you are:

  • An employee of ARDEX Group UK (including BAL)
  • An employee of our stockists
  • Are a resident outside of the United Kingdom mainland (only), with no claims accepted for transactions that are not limited to those within the UK mainland only

If you have been identified as meeting at least one of these criteria, and are therefore unable to have a full account profile, you can still use the GivBax Rewards App to:

  • View products/points listings
  • See in App communications
  • Use promotional codes
  • Scan receipts

This will enable you to see how the App works and allow you to showcase the App to Floorlayers and Tilers who may wish to join. However, your account is restricted so you won’t be able to redeem points and claim rewards.

If you believe that this setting should not apply to your account, please email loyalty@givbax-rewards.com.

You can find the full GivBax Rewards terms and conditions here.